Typically the Several Style of Forgiveness

In A Course in Miracles (ACIM), forgiveness is correcting your brain because only your brain needs correction since it is the cause of everything. The effects are irrelevant except as forgiveness opportunities which are used to their utmost advantage when you recognize them as such. Since forgiveness is the key principle for correcting your brain, we’re going to go over how both sides of the split mind use forgiveness. Your decision maker chooses which kind of forgiveness and like all areas of your brain, forgiveness has both cause and effect. One side corrects your brain and another reinforces the illusion.

Choosing is agreeing with something and we get it done most of the time. Normally, we choose from chaotic aftereffects of the illusion which can be forgiveness to destroy or seeing error and using error to improve error. The ego survives by these continued error judgments.

ACIM is a course in your mind training for the certain means of forgiveness that leads straight to the undoing of the ego. The choice is truly between illusion and Truth and stopping the illusion (error) instead of creating more. It’s the power of choice in the reverse, i.e., choosing to consider the Truth instead of denying it. Withdrawing judgment may be the ego’s undoing.

When the mind was made right into a perceiver instead of a creator, perception of differences makes an illusion of choice and the necessity for choosing between things. Deciding in this more certain way is how you choose the right path out of the illusion as it corrects the mind. Choosing is another word with this decision making ability and the Course is aimed directly at your choice maker.

You will find two roles for your choice maker. One uses your brain passively by continuing in order to avoid looking at what is being chosen thus causing more ego judgments and forgiveness to destroy. The other is a dynamic role by which we observe what’s been chosen and give it up. Such forgiveness is corrective in your brain and the results of time for Love is certain.

Chaotic Forgiveness: Forgiveness to Destroy

This sees any and all error and chooses with the ego to continue the denial of Love by not looking within. You will find four (4) aspects: (a) a lot better than you; (b) just like you; (c) the martyr; and (d) bargaining and compromise. a course in miracles podcast Your job is to learn to identify them and how you’ve been passively using the decision maker to mindlessly accept error.

And soon you do, you’ll never be certain you chose correctly because there’s so many decisions between ego things to remedy the situation. Therefore, you can be in fear and keep changing your mind. All this stems from wanting (choosing) to be by yourself and be right (thinking you understand best for everyone).

Agreement: The ego is reinforced when you accept error.

If you see (perceive) anyone as significantly less than pure spirit, you’ve judged them. You saw error (judgment) and that is only possible as you agreed with error being there and thus thought we would see it. Agreeing is choosing.

Protection: The ego uses defense and attack.

Denial is really a key defense so ignoring how you’re feeling represses the underlying guilt which must then get projected outward onto another and always results within an attack of some sort. The whole point is always to keep you looking “out there” instead of looking inward to the mind. That’s the way the ego protects itself.

Someone Else: The ego is all about division and separation.

If you are perceiving another person as separate, different, your personal interests are different, etc., you just decided to accept error. You need to project the guilt onto them so it’s their fault to protect the ego error.

Relief: The ego gets relief through attacking another.

Having agreed with error, repressed and projected your guilt onto someone else, the only method to protect that error and get relief is always to attack with an facet of forgiveness to destroy so another is always to blame. You may be better and justify the attack. In the same miserable boat, yet another (division) is always to blame. Martyrs love to judge your sins making use of their thoughts and use false empathy to sway people to their side (more division). Bargaining and compromise are your time and effort to make the illusion work by being ready to forgive other people who meet our needs. Everyone is really a slave to error.

We all agreed with the ego that we could do “a lot better than” God and thought we would be right and on our own. That’s a lot better than you forgiveness to destroy, the absolute most arrogant and massive in separation. We blame God for our problems and then plead for His help.

Forgiveness: The Certain Way

Forgiveness as correcting your brain reveals the main one single choice (giving up judgments) for everything. The end result is certain, dependable and follows a quite simple rule: Correcting your brain is practiced in the order projected which can be from outward on another and back to your mind.

Here, your choice maker is actively used to observe what is currently being chosen versus mindlessly agreeing. It offers up those error judgments and only remembering the Truth which can be safe and needs no defense. This different choice undoes error choice (judgments) until the mind is corrected and no more will abide by the thought of separation.

Projections are a trick of the ego.

Everything you see in another, is that which you believe about yourself. Therefore, the very first teaching is always to get back projections and own them as originating from you (your mind). Hire the active decision maker to observe that you’re saying another is always to blame. Take each and every judgment you’ve positioned on another and actively decide to give them up. You have to test it to see they’re untrue.

It’s about you.

When how you’re feeling isn’t on anyone else, your self-condemnation becomes apparent. In a dynamic role, your choice maker is most helpful as of this stage of the correction process. As an observer, it can easily see (perceive) that the pain and suffering (effects) from these judgment causes hasn’t been worth it. Error isn’t such a good idea. Actively and purposefully decide to give them up for correction because you’d prefer to consider the Truth.

Further inward in your brain, past the initial self-judgments, fear and guilt will present themselves as choices needing correction. The active decision maker has the energy to choose to give them up since they’re only beliefs within the ego thought system. Again, you’ve to test it to know it works.

Fear, guilt and sin are judgments.

Fear is definitely an emotion produced in your brain (collectively) and the very first one faced on the journey inward. If it’s worn-out its welcome, you actively decide to give it up the judgments of fear (thoughts) in the mind. Sensations within the body, like adrenaline, eventually pass because the human body is in the mind.

Guilt is next in the correction process being the very first collective choice after agreeing with the thought of sin. If it’s worn-out its welcome, you actively decide to give it up the shame and embarrassment in the mind. Sure, you may turn red with humiliation; but like fear, the human body is in your brain and eventually it passes.

Sin is definitely an idea. Fear and guilt would be the judgments on the theory needing correction. Look within your brain using the active decision maker past fear and guilt and you end up seeing sin isn’t really there.

Correction is certain.

Right Mindedness is salvation and it comes from looking within and correcting the mind. Forgiveness this way is how you may be certain of the results since there’s only one choice and one solution. Now you are denying errors (judgments) instead of Truth. That’s the correct utilization of denial.

There is a learning curve in teaching you to ultimately observe your brain and uncover what part may be the ego to help you give up the judgments. It’s called A Course in Miracles (ACIM). You spend time learning the principles and then putting them into practice. The experience of peace comes from doing this work.

Most of us made the same original mistake and all subsequent mistakes are fragments of the main one problem corrected by this one solution. By definition, an error is really a “correctable error.” You cannot correct error (judgment) with more error (judgment). Choose the proper kind of forgiveness which will actually correct your brain of judgment and the necessity for choice. There’s no guessing game with true forgiveness. The end result of this way is certain.

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