Edible Wild Plants – Simple fact With regards to Dandelions.

I remember as a young child, going with my mom into the forests to gather Dandelions for supper. This was a normal occurrence for us. I never gave it a second thought, until I grew up and left home and then was confronted with the realities of life.

Country living is a lot different from town living. Country living is much more compatible with nature. Somehow you simply learn how to co-exist together with nature. You are not as adamant to’maintain control’ of every aspect of life .

It’s amazing to discover that the’weeds’ flourish in the areas of the country where they’re most needed. Surprised? So was I when I realized that if a weed was really abundant in my lawn or my region of the country, it was a sign from nature to investigate that weed. What are its advantages? Compared to this’city dweller’ in which they operate for the’Round Up”, obtained ta kill that weed!

Did you ever stop to think that Nature is sending you a message? It behooves us to learn to read and comprehend the messages and signs from nature.

Consider the Dandelion… That everyday, normal, menacing lawn plant that appears to thrive regardless of all the pulling and poisoning which we do to get rid of it.

It is packed with nutrients and is really one of the best wild edible you can ever hope for; simple to locate and easy to recognize plante. The enzymes in the Dandelion include minerals and vitamins for example: magnesium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, calcium, beta carotene, biotin, Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C. ED. The leaves and the yellow flowers are edible.

The flower tastes like sweet honey also contains antioxidant properties that help boost immune function. Great in a salad or by themselves.

The leaves help detox the liver and kidneys. The greens tend to be bitter, but if you make many changes of water when boiling, it is possible to alleviate some of their bitterness.

The follicles cleanse and detoxify the liver and the gall bladder, and purifies the bloodvessels. The roots help to ease upset stomachs. Also makes a great tea!

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